Welcome to PETspective™

PET/CT is a powerful imaging technique combining the structural anatomical imaging data of Computed Tomography (CT) with the powerful functional data of Positron Emission Tomography (PET). This has led to significant growth in the use of PET/CT from a research tool to becoming the clinical gold standard for staging and diagnosing oncology patients. With expanding utility in Oncology and Neurology, where significant un-met needs have been identified, the use of PET/CT will continue to grow in all regions. Due to the restrictive nature and ‘just-in-time’ ordering process for radiopharmaceuticals, clear understanding of manufacturing & supply chain will become ever more critical for achieving commercial success.

At Black Swan Analysis, we understand these challenges and have developed PETspective, a user-friendly tool developed specifically to support companies interested in developing new products in this space or taking part in the distribution of these products.

This versatile tool will enable you to generate a rapid & robust analysis for a particular market or pan-EU region to understand the supply chain potential for your new F18-labelled product.

The ‘Product Profile Calculator’ within PETspectiveprovides the flexibility to input your key product attributes such as: dose price, shelf-life, yield, patient dose size and starting material, to generate a comprehensive market picture customised to your specific product requirements. This analysis would identify the maximum revenue potential available within the catchment radius of a manufacturing site and provide an outline of potential costs associated with the production. Such outputs would provide potential investors with a clear perspective of the potential profitability of the product.